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Wildlife Control & Exclusion Services in Arkansas

Wildlife is beautiful, but wild animals can wreak havoc on your property. Raccoons, skunks, snakes, and pigeons are capable of invading your home or business. At Delta Pest Control, we know how important it is to keep wildlife from taking over your life.


Raccoons are resourceful animals, and these bandits will enter buildings to forage and nest. Raccoons eat almost anything, so it is important to properly store food for domesticated animals. Raccoons can climb, so you should trim any trees that are close to the walls of the building. Other access points include dog doors and cat flaps. Raccoons are a known rabies vector, and these animals can be destructive and aggressive.


Skunks enter buildings for warmth and food, but these animals primarily cause trouble by damaging lawns. These infamously smelly creatures can leave an impression by discharging an incredibly potent odor. Skunks are also rabies vectors. To prevent a skunk invasion, it is important to remove brush, woodpiles, and other materials that create attractive cover for skunks.


Some snakes are helpful, but many people are still terrified of these reptiles. The presence of nonvenomous snakes is bad for business, and the presence of venomous snakes is extremely dangerous. Some snakes will seek shelter in a warm and dry structure.


Pigeons can make your property look like a bird bathroom. Additionally, these birds can carry dangerous diseases and parasites. To discourage pigeon populations, it is important to reduce access to food sources, such as open trash cans and spilled food.

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Once these pests start to nest on your property, they are hard to eliminate. Trapping is a job that should be performed by professionals. For a free quote, contact us at Delta Pest Control.

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